If you’re a fan of Joe Rogan you’ll know that he’s a purveyor of all things human performance and enhancement. In a recent post to his instagram (with more than 5 million followers) Joe threw his support behind a new product- Kill Cliff’s Orange Kush– a CBD enhanced, sports recovery drink which uses ECS Brands full spectrum hemp extracts.

Not only is this great promotion for Kill Cliff and the wider hemp industry, it also highlights the opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation using ECS brands wholesale hemp extracts. Aside from the presence and benefits of electrolytes and B-vitamins, each can of Orange Kush also has 25mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) to unlock the ‘killer hydration and broad spectrum CBD benefits’ that true, full spectrum hemp extracts can provide, with 0% THC.

The CBD extract used by Kill Cliff is ECS Brands Nano Liquid Emulsion. This whole plant extract features 20% CBD already in liquid form, complete with plant saponins and fractionated coconut oil. Aside from the purity and quality of the whole plant CBD extract, the presence of natural saponins keep the CBD dominant liquid suspended in a liquid state, whilst the addition of fractionated coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, increasing bioavailability and absorption rates in both the extract and final products.

The synergistic qualities of these components makes ECS Brands Nano Liquid Emulsion the perfect addition to products like King Cliff’s Orange Kush recovery drink, and is best suited to consumables, water based cosmetics, liquid capsules and more.

Why Is CBD Important for Recovery?

Cannabidiol has become one of the most talked-about recovery supplements recently, and is recognized as one of the most effective, natural, inflammatory-regulating supplements available.

By acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system, it has been shown to be an effective aid in:

  • Regulating inflammation and muscle fatigue
  • Promoting healthy sleep, allowing the body to produce more melatonin- a hormone responsible for sleep.
  • Supporting healthy mood

Moreover, while (remove whilst) these are noticeable and measurable results, internally CBD can provide even more benefits. It has recently been shown to reverse the negative effects of high glucose in coronary artery cells.

By regulating overall inflammation and oxidative stress, CBD, and more specifically the CBD provided in ECS brands whole plant extracts are the perfect addition to sports and recovery supplements.

If you would like more information about ECS Brands Nano liquid Emulsion, or to see how you can integrate our broad range of hemp extracts into your own products, please contact us via hello@ecsbrands.com

About Kill Cliff

Kill Cliff is a beverage and apparel company designed to optimise your workouts and aid in energy, focus and recovery. In 2015, Kill Cliff became an official partner of the Navy Seal foundation and have since been committed in giving back to the community by supporting service members, veterans and their families.

For more information about Kill Cliff and their available products please visit killcliff.com

About ECS

ECS brands is a Colorado-based company delivering true full-spectrum hemp oils, extracts and distillates.

With a focus on whole-body health and a balanced lifestyle, ECS brands are simplifying research and education through its range of hemp based products, targeting the body’s endocannabinoid system to help restore both neural and physical homeostasis.

Moreover, ECS brands promote entrepreneurship and product integration with a range of wholesale extracts, oils, and distillates. The company also oversees the operations of a number of hemp based brands, including Hemp Fuel, Care By Derma, and Enlighten Hemp, to further drive the adoption of hemp-based products and holistic health.

For more information about ECS brands, please visit our website. If you would like information about our wholesale products, or just to get in touch, please email us at hello@ecsbrands.com.