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SINCE 1988

At ECS Brands, we have been natural product specialists since 1988. Formed by Arthur Jaffee, he’s taken his years of experience and expertise in plant-based wellness products in order to build an organic hemp extract and protein supplier forged in science and driven by solutions

We do this by working with the magic that is the hemp plant.

One of nature’s most complex and bountiful crops, hemp is packed with cannabinoids that have been shown to have a multitude of tested and researched benefits. This fast-growing plant can be harvested for fiber, fuel, plastics and industrial purposes. It can also be grown for its inner compounds like cannabinoids. At ECS, we use multiple parts of the hemp plant to create and manufacture organic hemp extracts, seed oil, protein, and more products. From the protein rich and balanced seeds to the phytocannabinoids that are created as the plant grows, we know what this plant has to offer and we’re continually excited to bring it to the people who benefit from it



ECS is a premier developer of hemp extracts, isolates and food ingredients for use in consumer products.  By combining scientifically driven formulations with advanced product development techniques, ECS creates lifestyle based, whole spectrum, hemp and cannabinoid products that promote and enhance healthy lifestyles.

Strategically, ECS has built its foundation of supply and manufacturing business catering to wholesale and private label clients. This has generated the revenue needed to reinvest, fortifying ECS’ position in the industry through its commitment to innovation, IP development and regulatory preparation.

In its fourth year of operations, ECS has successfully weathered the turbulence of a fast growing, unregulated industry. Featuring the largest and most diverse hemp ingredient portfolio in the industry, ECS is well positioned to satisfy the growing demand from existing key market leaders in the Hemp/CBD arena and the new demand from mainstream CPG companies that are preparing the enter the space on the heels of pending regulation.

ECS has also completed development of several carefully designed products under the company’s own brand. These products are unique to the market, offer superior efficacy and bioavailability, and are backed by science and clinical studies.  Launches are focused on ecommerce direct to consumer to recognize the highest margin sales while developing the customer base size needed to secure a foothold into traditional retail.

When a customer buys a product from ECS, they know they’re getting the highest levels of quality, efficacy, and safety as ECS is the GMP Certified OEM (processor, formulator and manufacturer). ECS stands apart from competition in this regard and will remain standing tall on its regulatory compliant foundation when the FDA institutes industry regulations as early as 2022.

Our Mission

Our goal as a leading supplier of organic hemp extracts, seed oil, protein and more hemp oil products is to generate value through education and innovation, so as to inspire wellness with the enjoyment of a combination of unique products. As an experienced organic hemp extracts, seed oil, and hemp protein supplier, we combine breakthrough science, earth-grown nutrients and whole plant synergies in order to provide our customers with optimal supplements and wellness goods in order to help facilitate whole body wellbeing


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