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One third of the maximum blood concentration is ‘achieved’ in under 30 minutes.

Solving The Absorption

The digestive tract is a complex water based system coated in a sticky mucus designed to trap contaminants and prevent entry to the blood. To be absorbed, nutrients must be water soluble to pass this mucus layer.

When you eat an oil-containing meal, your body traps the oil in “mi-celles” (microscopic water soluble cells) allowing it to enter the blood. Cannabinoids are not water soluble and are often consumed in small amounts without a meal, so the digestive system doesn’t fully activate with the result being poor absorption.

Water Soluble

HempCells are microscopic spheres of Cannabinoids and oil coated in a layer of bioactive saponins. These spheres are highly water soluble, passing through the digestive system easily.


HempCell uses a combination of stabilized Golden Hemp seed oil and bioactive plant-based saponins. Our saponin blend also provides antibiotic, antioxidant and gut-protective effects to the body. Long chain essential fats such as those in Hemp seed oil have been shown in research to provide superior bioavailabitity of oil-soluble nutrients such as Cannabinoids. What’s more, Hemp seed oil actually feeds the Endocannabinoid system, providing the raw materials needed for the system to work optimally.

Nano Particle Size

The digestive system is lined with sticky mucus that traps Cannabinoids, slowing or even preventing their absorption into the blood. This layer has mucus-free pores 400 nano-meters in diameter. Particles that are much smaller than 400 nanometers are absorbed faster and more completely than larger particles. HempCell particles fall within this range for faster absorption.


Cannabinoids are protected inside the HempCell which can withstand the acid and alkali conditions of the digestive system without breaking down. It also car-ries a negative charge which prevents HempCells from sticking to each other or the mucus layer of the digestive system. This results in long term storage stability and faster absorption

About ECS

ECS Brands combines scientifically driven formulations with advanced product development techniques to create lifestyle based, whole-spectrum, hemp & custom cannabinoid liquids and powders that promote and enhance healthy lifestyles. With it’s team of experts and formulation specialists, ECS Brands is a hemp product manufacturer that only develops products that have been tested and provide the most beneficial delivery mechanisms.

When any product is sold with an ECS Brands label, our customers can be rest assured that our hemp product manufacturers have researched and identified the most effective blends of natural ingredients.

Hemp Extract industry, ECS Brands has many cutting edge technologies that set them apart including:


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