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This Regulation Shall be applied for the protection of Public health 

  • By ensuring that the premises or place wherein manufactured foods and industrial hemp products are produced, Manufactured, packed, processed, prepared, treated, packaged, transported, or held for distribution are in accordance with the “Pure Food and Drug Law”

Why should The customer care?

  • Operators who manufacture foods, dietary supplements, or cosmetic products containing industrial hemp must be able to demonstrate that the industrial hemp ingredient comes from an approved source, conforms to the standard of identity established in statute, and meets the thresholds for THC. The State Health Department’s Hemp Program regulates and inspects all hemp manufacturing operations in Colorado. Industrial hemp farms are licensed and regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, once the crop leaves the farm it is this department’s responsibility to oversee the manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution of hemp products. This includes extractions, any additional processing, and the relabeling or repackaging of all industrial hemp containing food, supplement, and cosmetic products.

About ECS

ECS Brands combines scientifically driven formulations with advanced product development techniques to create lifestyle based, whole-spectrum, hemp & custom cannabinoid liquids and powders that promote and enhance healthy lifestyles. With it’s team of experts and formulation specialists, ECS Brands is a hemp product manufacturer that only develops products that have been tested and provide the most beneficial delivery mechanisms.

When any product is sold with an ECS Brands label, our customers can be rest assured that our hemp product manufacturers have researched and identified the most effective blends of natural ingredients.

Hemp Extract industry, ECS Brands has many cutting edge technologies that set them apart including:


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