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The carrier gas in gas chromatography is usually considered to play little part in the analytical process, and its choice is usually determined primarily by the method of detection.

That carrier gas may not, and need not, be entirely inert was demonstrated in two separate series of experiments. In one, carbon dioxide was substituted for helium in a gas-solid chromatography system. In the other it was substituted for argon in a gas-liquid system.

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ECS Brands combines scientifically driven formulations with advanced product development techniques to create lifestyle based, whole-spectrum, hemp & custom cannabinoid liquids and powders that promote and enhance healthy lifestyles. With it’s team of experts and formulation specialists, ECS Brands is a hemp product manufacturer that only develops products that have been tested and provide the most beneficial delivery mechanisms.

When any product is sold with an ECS Brands label, our customers can be rest assured that our hemp product manufacturers have researched and identified the most effective blends of natural ingredients.

Hemp Extract industry, ECS Brands has many cutting edge technologies that set them apart including:


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